Work Package (WP) 1

Objective 1.1.: Develop a scalable conceptual model for ES assessment and mapping in Lithuania based on the CICES classification that can be flexibly applied across ecosystems (urban, terrestrial and marine) and scales (national, regional and local).
Objective 1.2.: Development of a Geodatabase that includes relevant geospatial datasets on a national, regional and local level required for mapping CICES class types (CICES V4.3) identified in the conceptual model.

Work Package (WP) 2

Objective 2.1.: Identification of stakeholders and the level of their influence and interest.
Objective 2.2.: Development and application of stakeholders engagement strategy, assessment of ES beneficiaries and their perception.

Work Package (WP) 3

Objective 3.1.: Assessment and mapping of ES layers on a national scale and integration into the database.
Objective 3.2.: Assessment and mapping of the effects of drivers of change on ES supply.

Work Package (WP) 4

Objective 4: Assess of ES supply on regional or local scale considering the 1) geographical representativeness of the ecosystem for Lithuania; (2) socio-ecological and economic relevance of the ecosystem, (3) heterogeneity of ecosystems and (4) the diversification of assessment and mapping methodologies to be applied. This WP will take over the main elements of the conceptual framework (WP1), datasets (WP1) collected and will benefit from the stakeholder engagement process (WP2) for the developed and analysis of ES on a case study level.

Work Package (WP) 5

Objective 5: To develop and implement the LINESAM Geoportal.