Ecosystem services in film. First film on the relevance of the topic.

LINESAM presents the series of short educational films about the ecosystem services. Field experts speak about different nuances of the concept, emphasizing on its importance on local and national scales. In the first film prof. dr. Paulo Pereira explains the core principals behind the concept of ecosystem services. He also talks about the importance of stakeholder involvement in preserving and understanding ecosystem services. Dr. Pereira presents the scope of LINESAM project and gives practical examples on how ecosystems services could be recognized and preserved for the sustainable development of environment and the population. The first film can be found on LINESAM dedicated Youtube channel.

Science trends

LINESAM project was disseminated in one of the most respected websites in the world, Science trends. Science trends is a worldwide platform to disseminate new ideas, projects and the latest scientific achievements at the global level. As science trends states, the objective of this platform is to "provide an avenue for scientists in academia and industry to connect with more than half a million science-minded people". The article can be consulted here.

First press release on ecosystem services

LINESAM project team published first public press release on ecosystem services. Article stresses on the importance of awareness to this concept and the role of science in pursuit of better understanding about ecosystem services. The press release could be accesed in "Lietuvos žinios" daily news portal. The PDF copy of the text is accessible in LINESAM geoportal through documents menu option.